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The sweetness and dedication of the Sheltie is rarely duplicated


We began our journey into shelties

in the fall of 1998 with our first two shelties named Violet (a mahogany shaded sable) and Bonnie Blue (blue merle). Pictured below...


As you can see by these pictures, we fell hard for these adorable "furry people"


Bonnie Blue and Heather (Violet's daughter)

Originally we got our shelties as pets for my two daughters.

But, they were so incredible in temperament, brains, AND beauty that we found ourselves joyfully immersed in all that is sheltie.


Here's lookin' at ya! (Heather as a baby)

Our goal is to breed the most lovable,

healthy, brilliant and beautiful shelties possible.

We strive to breed according to the breed standards established by the AKC

( American Kennel Club) for the shetland sheepdog(sheltie).

My daughter shows our shelties through 4H and soon will be entering into AKC conformation and obedience competition.

We strongly believe in the philosophy that a trained, well mannered

dog = a lifelong, happy, family/dog relationship.


Mama (Heather) and her baby (Candy)

We at Bumblebee Acres work hard to socialize the shelties we raise.

We know that early socialization is a major key in raising a happy,

well adjusted dog. It then becomes the puppy's new family

who have the responsibility and obligation to do right by their new sheltie puppy and ensure that they are properly trained, socialized, and brought to the vet for regular health checks and immunizations.


Fergus as a wee one (one of our sheltie super studs)


This is handsome Fergus as an adult

Bumblebee's Fergus Firebrite

D.O.B. January 27, 2001

Color: Pure for Sable, non-white factored

Fergus earned his AKC Canine Good Citizen title under the Handling of

Miss Samantha Troia on 6-25-04

Fergus and Buttercup

Everyone who meets Fergus falls in love with him.

He has a joyous personality and adorable facial expression that just melts the heart. Fergus is a little guy measuring just about 14 inches at the withers. He tends to produce puppies on the small side of the breed standard. He has a profuse coat that is very stunning. On top of all that Fergus is about as smart as the average college student. He represents the shetland Sheepdog

standard perfectly.



Bumblebee Acres Bucklebeary

D.O.B. April 15, 2002

Color: Tri color  (black, white, & tan), White factored, and carries the Bi gene

Bear growing up

Bucklebeary, or as we call him, 'Lil Bear, is as sweet as a fluffy teddy bear.

His coat is very abundant with a full white collar. He has a gorgeous sheltie head/profile. 'Lil Bear's eyes are lovely almond shaped giving him a tender expression. He moves beautifully. Little Bear stands at about 15 1/4" at the withers. He is very fond of children and water sports.


Life's Abundance Dog Food

Here at Bumblebee Acres, our dogs and puppies mean the world to us so we feed

Life's Abundance dog/puppy food exclusively. We used to feed a popular commercial pet food with decent results, but have since changed for a number of very important reasons. To find out why Life's Abundance is a superb diet for your puppy/dog, please click on the dog food picture above. We believe that our furry best friends deserve the absolute best for their health and well being and we hope you consider switching too.

Fergus, one of our shelties, gives Life's Abundance a paws up!


Our puppies come well  loved and socialized

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