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Bumblebee Acres strives to produce

healthy, happy, and beautiful Havanese for show and companion homes.

Our breeding dogs are a good representation of the six main elements of the Havanese breed that is established in their AKC standard. We actively show our dogs in 4H and also AKC shows. We health test our breeding stock to assure excellent health(CERF, BAER, OFA Patellas, hips,elbows, cardiac, LeggC). Our puppies are raised right in our home where they are lovingly handled from the moment of birth, so you can be assured that they have received proper early socialization which is vital in the development of producing happy puppies with correct Havanese temperment. Our puppies grow up around children, other dogs, cats and even the occasional bunny.

We became enchanted with the joyous and loving Havanese breed in 2002.

Our Havanese have brought us many days filled with laughter and smiles, we hope to share some with you...



Meet our sweet Valentino

~you can see him all grown up at the bottom of the page~

Valentino (Tino) came from Havakiss Havanese, thanks so much Donna!

He is out of some of the original Havanese foundation stock in the U.S.A.

We at Bumblebeeacres think Tino is the Bee's Knees!

Valentino has passed all his health tests;

OFA Hips: HAV-1930F39M-NOPI

OFA Patellas: HAV-PA2584/39M/P-NOPI

OFA Elbows: HAV-EL998M39-NOPI

OFA Legg-Calve Perthes: HAV-LP806/39M-NOPI


OFA Cardiac: HAV-CA1466/39M/P-NOPI

CERF eyes: Normal



Meet Bumblebeeacres Pendragon (Howl )

This gorgeous boy is from our own breeding, shown at 6 months old.

Howl is a natural show dog with charisma galore.

His conformation is truley exceptional, his temperment joyous indeed! On his 1st weekend out Howl came home with 3 pts. towards his Championship!


   This is the adorable, Bumblebeeacres Twighlight Pixie

Full sister to Howl, Pixie is a happy little girl with great personality and type. She loves to dance with the children or be their couch potato movie time friend.

Pixie's health testing;

CERF eyes: Normal


OFA Patella: HAV-PA2579/45F/P-NOPI


Our Beloved Romeo ~Oh Du Liebe Billy~

The Havanese that started it all at Bumblebeeacres.

Romeo is giving you all a big smile, "Hello"

This handsome boy comes from across the "pond" ~as the europeans say~

He was born in Hungary and has an impressive pedigree.

We think our Romeo bares an uncanny resemblance to the Havanese pictured on a official commerative Cuban postage stamp (on the right---above).

Wouldn't you agree???

**More about Romeo**


Our Bella Diva

Meet Elmorro's Bella Bumblebee

She is beauty in every sense of the word.

A lovely example of the Havanese breed. We simply adore her.

**More about Bella Bumblebee**


Havanese make wonderful companions and family dogs.

They are a toy breed weighing from 8-14 lbs. and they reach a height between 8 1/2 & 11 1/2 inches at the withers (shoulder). They are a native of Cuba and their trademark facial fringe helps shade their eyes from the hot Cuban sun.

We breed for strong, sturdy boned Havanese as is called for in their AKC breed standard. We believe the breed is meant to lead an active and entertaining lifestyle and without a sturdy stature this lifestyle cannot be sucessfully achieved. It is pure bliss to watch a Havanese jumping, dancing, and leaping for joy----they are not meant to be a delicate toy breed. They do enjoy cuddling in their person's lap and going for walks. They are a very versatile breed enjoying companionship from people and other dogs and animals. They adore children and will play happily together for hours. This breed has a hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat that does require regular grooming. If clipping the coat we think a "teddy bear" cut is more suited to the breed than a trim as a Lasa or Shihtzu might have.


These Havanese are Dancing!!!

Life's Abundance Dog Food

Here at Bumblebee Acres, our dogs and puppies mean the world to us so we feed

Life's Abundance dog/puppy food exclusively. We used to feed a popular commercial pet food with decent results, but have since changed for a number of very important reasons. To find out why Life's Abundance is a superb diet for your puppy/dog, please click on the dog food picture above. We believe that our furry best friends deserve the absolute best for their health and well being and we hope you consider switching too.

Romeo,one of our Havanese, says, "Bon appetite!".

We have Havanese puppies available to approved homes occasionally throughout the year.

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Our puppies mean the world to us

When inquiring about a puppy, please include information about you & your family

such as ; any children, other pets, fenced yard, and anything else that might help us determine if you are a right match for one of our little sweethearts.

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(Valentino all grown up!)


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