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Special Reserves

Special puppies reserved for special people!

Please check the Bumblebee Acres Farm website, facebook, and instagram for weekly photo updates of your special puppy.

Feel free to "grab" your puppy's photo from the website or our other social media accounts to start a baby album of your puppy or to show him/her off to family and friends.

We hope to capture some precious moments along the way that reveal more of

their joyful personalities. Please enjoy!

 New Puppy Parent Check List:

A few things to do BEFORE bringing your puppy home so you can be prepared

and start off on the right foot;

*purchase a crate, we like and use ones like this 24 x 18 x 19 sized crate:

A crate will be an essential part of the first year of your puppies life. Crates are a great tool in teaching potty training to your new little one. They also become a safe haven "den" for your puppy. A dog that is crate trained will be happier at vet and grooming visits and when traveling because they are used to a crate

and feel safe therein. When used correctly crates are wonderful.

Please read up on proper crate training. A book I highly recommend is:

It is a good idea to read up on and familiarize yourself and other family members on basic training methods BEFORE you bring your new puppy home. Keeping to a schedule and being consistent will help train your puppy

into a wonderful dog. The first 12 months of a puppies life will shape that puppy's personality and behaviors for a lifetime. Make it a good first 12 months, put in the time to train and socialize your new baby, it will pay off.


*Purina ONE Puppy is what the puppies are being fed. If you decide to go with a different food you will need to

do it gradually over a 7 day period mixing the two foods together.


*schedule a vet visit within the first 3 days of bringing your new puppy home. Please refer to the health/guarantee contract that we will send home with your puppy. Take that contract with you to your first veterinary visit as it will have all the information they will need right there in regards to booster shots etc.


* Buy feeding and water bowls, puppy training pads (or you could continue to just use newspaper while potty training), safe chew toys (Havanese love soft little toys, pig ears, and hooves).


*Collar and Leash: we use a choke collar to train our puppies and dogs. Despite their name, choke collars are a very good and safe training tool. It is important to know how to put it on correctly and exactly how to use it.

When on walks it is important to keep a toy sized dog very close incase another dog comes running up.

When having young children walk the puppy I recommend a harness.


*Grooming tools are a must; slicker brush, flea comb (for around eyes and face), scissors, nail clipper, and shampoo. If having your dog clipped at the groomer ask for a "teddy Bear" clip as it is easier to take care of without the dog being totally shaved down:

Slicker brush                                          Flea comb

This type of brush gets down to the skin                                                                   

which is very important in this breed.                                                              

Life's Abundance carries some great shampoos and other grooming needs like easy wipes for teeth care:




Jarvys snuggling with his Koala friend.


Little Peggy Sue!


Martha May



Cindy Loo Who!



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