Our References

We would like to use this page

to thank all the individuals, and families

who have given our furbabies

the Best of Homes.

Listed below are just a few of the many compliments

we have recieved, via letter & e-mails, regarding our furbabies in their new homes.


Fr. Philips of Chicago writes:(May 2002)

~ Sheltie, Sable Male~

Enclosed is a picture of a wonderful dog, who after a few name changes is now officially called Alex.

Didn't he turn out beautiful? He is a delight in every way--very affectionate and full of personality. He is also exceedingly bright, playful and loves people. In short, he is a constant joy, and everyone who meets him falls instantly in love.

Needless to say, he leads a life of complete happiness and luxury, and we couldn't be happier.

Thank you again!


Kimberlee of Illinois writes:(summer 2003)

~Sheltie, Tri-color female~


Just wanted to "thank you" for getting such a wonderful puppy. Sorry this took so long to get to you. We are having a blast with our puppy. The vet gave her great ratings. you did a wonderful job. We decided to call her "Lily".

We have only had a couple of accidents and that is because we didn't take her out after she was in her cage. She is fun having around. Thanks again.

Kimberlee writes again about Lily:(Christmas 2003)


Just wanted to let you know that we got a wonderful dog. Her name is "Lily". Your daughter named her "Tiger Lily" and we just love the name "Lily". She was potty trained in just two weeks. She sleeps in her kennel all nite without a peep. She has just been great. We did take her to a puppy training class and she liked that. Thank you again for such a good dog. Happy Holidays

Kimberlee writes again about Lily:(Christmas 2004)


Lily has become a great dog. My daughter has worked with her and trained her well. She loves when other people come over. She goes and gets one of her toys and drops it by the people's feet waiting for them to play with her. She loves to run outside after her soccer ball. She has become a great addition to our family. Happy Holidays!



Irene of Illinois writes:(Christmas 2003)

~ Sheltie, Blue merle male~

I'm enclosing some pictures of Dakota, I thought you might like. He's doing quite well & has a very good temperment. He's really beautiful & people always ask about his color. His ears keep going up & down & I'm hoping they'll stay tipped soon. He just graduated from puppy training class last week & he heels, sits & downs & stays very well. He's more active with Marie & he just seems to know I can't chase with him as she does. If I'm resting on the couch he'll come & lay down by me or he'll put his head on my pillow. My grandson loves to play ball with him when he comes over. Dakota is lovable and has a sweet nature but he is also becoming a good watchdog. Your always welcome to come & see him & us.


Mary of Illinois Writes:(summer 2003)

~Sheltie, color headed white & black male~

Sorry it took so long, but here are pictures of Stormy (Chubby). He is growing beautifully. He is such a great puppy-thank you to you & your family. He is loving and of course we spoil him.

Thanks again!

Mary & her family loved their first sheltie from us so much

they came back in Spring 2005 for another sheltie. This time a sable color headed white male they named Gizmo.

Thank you so much Mary & family

for all the love you shower on our two furbabies, they could not have gotten a more loving family than yours!


Michele of Wisconsin writes: (March 4, 2006)

~sheltie, sable & white female~

Hi!!! I'm just now checking my e-mails since we got Bailey. As you probably already know, having a puppy is just like having a baby!!

...Bailey is absolutely wonderful!!!!!! She has become the star of the family!! I am still home full-time with her so the house training went extremely well.

Bailey loves to do figure 8 runs and definitely loves her children. When they get home from school she goes absolutely wild!! She cuddles in my arms like a baby and loves to be pet and held. We play all day long. We have twenty-some toys that look like babay toys from petco, petsmart, Mounds petfood Warehouse, etc. She is very playful and we love taking her to all the places. The people swarm around her. This may be more than you wanted to know, but she is just my pride and joy.

I'm so thrilled to have her. She's all we could have ever hoped for!! My son is still up and he asked that I please tell you that he loves her very very much. I guess that is a good way to end.

Thanks again!!!!


Lila of Wisconsin writes: (March 28, 2006)

~Havanese, golden/red agouti female~

show puppy

Oh My Carissa, SHE IS WONDERFUL. Wow, she's gorgeous! Even cuter in person.

The girls are just ga-ga over her, and so is my son. He woke up first today and just snuggled with her.

Well, I am just thrilled with her. I will keep you updated on how she is adjusting. I can't believe how beautiful her coat is already with that dark tipping. I'll send pictures, etc. So don't worry about her. She will be royalty around here.

Thanks again,


Lila writes again: (April 26, 2006)

Hello Carissa,

Just wanted to give your family an update on Jovahna. She's awesome. Very independantand proud of herself.

We are so happy with her, and think she will show super. We're working on getting her used to stacking and  on a "platform" and getting groomed, etc., and she handles it all in stride. She's a gem.

Thank you again for choosing such a great puppy for us.

This is little JoVahna with her special girl, Morgan


Ridgeley of Wisconsin writes: (December 29, 2005)

~ English Angora bunnies~

Hi Carissa & Samantha,

The bunnies made it home fine. They are having quiet time out in their new cage (I put them together in one cage for now as you suggested). They sure are cute, cuddly balls of fluff. I'd like to reserve 2 more. Thanks for everything.

Ridgeley writes again: (January 18, 2006)

Hi. What beautiful little balls of fluff! I'm in love!!! Your little blue buck has really lightened up and become a handsome little guy too. Luke has stayed a dark grey/steel so far. Both are very sweet and enjoy being groomed....which I admit, I do way more often then they need it...but I love the feel of their coats and warm little bodies. I can't wait to come and get the 2 new ones....I may have to make it 3.



Asaya of Texas writes: (February 25, 2006)

~English Angora bunny~

Hi Carissa,

I picked up the bunny and he is safely at home. He is gorgeous. I love him. Thanks again. Later I will send pictures of him and the rest of my family.



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