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***English Angora Rabbits***

Our Beautiful Does

This is Briar Rose our little Blue English Angora Doe.



Moon (Moota) our absolutely gorgeous Broken Black doe 



Bon-bon our Chocolate doe


Jaqui our black doe as a jr. and then a senior.


Cinder our Chestnut Doe



Grand Champion Smokey Hollow's Storm Cloud (3 legs)

(lilac doe)

~Took the tables by Storm!~

BOB BRBA Jefferson, WI. 3-9-08

BOB & BOG Fox River Valley RBA show A  5-18-08

BOB & BOG Fox River Valley show B 5-18-08

The next three does are out of

Smokey Hollow's Storm Cloud X Bumblebeeacres Curious George...

All finished to their Championship titles!

Reg. Grand Champion Bumblebeeacres Hallie  (3 legs)

~Black doe~

BOV & BOG Open Elkhorn, WI. 2-8-09

BOV & BOG Open Angora Specialty Lansing, MI. 3-8-09

BOB Open Jefferson, WI. 4-18-09


Reg. Grand Champion Bumblebeeacres Misty Mine (3 legs)

~Blue doe~

BOB Youth MSRBA Lansing, MI. 3-7-09

BIS Youth Angora Specialty Lansing, MI. 3-8-09

BOB Youth Jefferson, WI. 4-18-09

BOB Youth Jefferson, WI. 4-19-09


Reg. Grand Champion Bumblebeeacres Thunder Cake (3 legs)

~Black doe~

BOB&BOV show A  and Best 4-class Youth (out of 416 rabbits)Res.BIS

BOB&BOV show B--- STARBA Rockton, IL. 1-18-09

BOB Elkhorn, WI. 2-8-09



Reg. Grand Champion Bumblebeeacres Suzy Snowflake (3 legs)

~REW doe~

Out of Bumblebeeacres Snowbella X Bumblebeeacres Cococabana~

BOS Michigan Angora Club East Lansing, MI. 3-2-08

BOB Upper Mid-west Angora club Jefferson, WI. 3-8-08

BOS & BOG Tri-county RBA Jefferson, WI. 10-12-2008

BOV Yorkville, IL. 5-17-09 show A

BOV Yorkville, IL. 5-17-09 show B


Reg. Grand Champion Bumblebeeacres Opalesense (Opal)

~Out of Bumblebeeacres Cinder X Smokey Hollow's Whizard~

BOB Open Union Grove, WI. 5-16-09

BOB Open Yorkville, IL. Show A  5-17-09

BOB Open Yorkville, IL. Show B  5-17-09

Bumblebeeacres Bells

~Chestnut doe~

Out of Bumblebeeacres Cinder X Smokey Hollow's Whizard



Butterscotch, jr. chocolate tort doe.

This little sweetie is out of CH. Hallie and Maximillion

Twinkles, jr. frosted pearl lilac doe

Out of CH. Hallie and Maximillion



Ginger Snap a lilac pointed jr. doe

As a Jr. and a senior

And introducing The Queen Doe of the Rabbitry.....

Her Royal Highness Queen Easter Lilly Lotus Blossom of Bumblebeeacres.

Our very 1st doe, a beautiful Ruby-eyed white.

She is the sweetest and best mommy.

(shown growing out from a clip)



Franchesca a Broken Blue Tort senior doe

I call her the "Queen of Hearts" as she has heart shaped cirles

over both eyes and nose.

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Could there be a cuter little mama?

This doe is eager to make a cozy nest for her expected litter.

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