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***Welcome to Our Barnyard***

On our little Fiber Farm we have some cute & wooly farm animals. Please come say hello...

~Shetland Sheep~

Ginger a moorit registered shetland ewe.


Ginger lambed on April 30, 2008 and Little Pepper was born.

My daughter is bottle feeding her and she is just a total sweetie.

Pepper growing up! Pictured January2009



A cross between a Suri Alpaca male and a Classic Llama Female. The cross has proved to produce exactly what we were looking for, a smaller more easy to manage animal with very soft downy fleece that is perfect in our fiber arts.

Autumn, born the 1st day of Autumn 2008.

Autumn is a Huarizo.


Winter, born during a cold snap, we call him Winnie the Poo.

We wethered him and he is staying here with his gorgeous fleece!

A very nice Huarizo


Faline is a Huarizo.

She has gorgeous Suri Alpaca type wool. Faline is a lovely almond color.


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~Silkie Chickens~

I have raised quite a few different chicken breeds, but the Silkies are

my absolute favorites.

Our cute and fuzzy Silkie chickens.

We have all colors; a gorgeous partridge rooster, white, black, blue, red & interesting mixed shaded hens.



One of our layers with Jonji the Japanese Chin guarding her


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