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Lionhead Rabbitry

Breeding Lionhead Bunnies

in a variety of colors, for show, breeding, & loving pets

updated 7-17-2011

Lionhead bunnies soon!

 The following are our Lionhead Bunnies (not for sale)


Harlequin doe


Blue Harlequin Doe

Pic taken after she had pulled most of her mane for her litter



Broken black doe


Black Buck

Best of Breed Winner

2010 Lansing Michigan Lionhead Specialty!


Tort broken buck


Blue point doe

Our Sales Policy:

Keeping=may become available, still inquire about.

Available= you may inquire to put a non-refundable deposit down.

Pending= non-refundable deposit is in transit.

Deposit must be in my "Hands" before it becomes Reserved.

If not received within 7 days the bunny becomes available again.

Reserved= Non-refundable deposit or full payment has been received. Any monies received towards a bunny

will NOT be refunded.

Sold= bunny has been picked up or shipped.

*If bunny is not picked up at 8 weeks of age (or other prior to sale arrangements agreed upon) Buyer will incur a $2 a day charge if bunny is not picked up 2 weeks after; sale, a deposit has been put down, reaching the age of 8 weeks( whichever applies). Then the bunny will become available again and any monies received towards said bunny will NOT be refunded.


Want a bunny? Send us a Bee-mail

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How to Reserve a Bunny:

I require a non-refundable 1/2 of total purchase deposit (I accept Paypal*). I will not hold/reserve a bunny without a deposit in my "hands".

The remaining balance is due, in cash, at the time of pick-up.

All our bunnies sell between $40.00 & $100.00.

Pricing is based on color, quality, & sex of the bunny, which will be determined at the age of 7 weeks.

In reserving a bunny you are agreeing to our Sales Policies listed above.


I will ship bunnies at an extra charge Of $350

(price subject to change without notice due to rising fuel costs

weather permitting, cost may differ if traveling out of the continental U.S. if health certificate is required an extra $35 fee applies).

I have successfully shipped to Alaska, Canada, Texas, Hawaii, Florida, New York, and many places inbetween. Shipping/handling charge covers: Airfare, crate, time & gas to and from airport

(is approx. 120 mile roundtrip).

I can ship 2 baby bunnies in the same crate for one fee.

I will only use Continental Airlines, as they have a great reputation in the industry for animal shipping. Although they are NOT the cheapest, they are definitely the safest which is our highest priority when shipping our precious bunnies! If having a bunny shipped I must have full payment and shipping fee 2 weeks prior to shipping!

Lionheads make very sweet pets for children. Snickers is smiling for the camera too!


Totally Kissable Lionheads!

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