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updated 1-22-2016

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Breeding quality English Angoras in a wide variety of colors with; abundant and adorable facial furnishings, superb wool density and texture, ideal wool length for spinning, sweet temperaments, and beautiful, short, compact, bodies under all that gorgeous fluff.



          This is one of our English Angora Bucks!             This is Curious George our Black

    His name is Princey and he is a Fawn.               English Angora Buck.

English Angoras are wonderful bunnies

who have very gentle and sweet personalities. Bred for centuries as a fiber animal, the English Angora rabbit would literally rest on the lap of the spinner while the wool would be spun right off the rabbit.

Our breeding program concentrates on keeping the original purpose (fiber) of the english angora alive and well. It is not useful to have a bunny with longer than what the ARBA standard calls for (3 1/2 to 6 inches). When wool on an English angora goes past the ideal length it becomes harder to spin and will not produce the beautiful halo/bloom that angora yarn is known for, not to mention it can become a threat to your rabbit's overall health by causing woolblock.


This is Easter Lilly Lotus Blossom

One of our gorgeous English Angora Does

She is a ruby eyed white and is in a puppy clip.

English Angoras are so laid back I like to refer to them as

the "ragdoll" of the rabbit world. We can carry our English Angoras around like baby dolls. They come in a wide variety of beautiful colors. English Angora wool is softer and warmer than sheep wool and makes lovely, soft, sweaters,

scarves & hats.

                                                         English angoras naturally release their wool every three to four months, which means that the wool needs to be shorn, plucked or clipped off the rabbit about four times a year. If not the bunny will become terribly matted and could result in a condition called woolblock which is caused when the bunny ingests the lose wool during regular self grooming.


Grooming an english angora can be relaxing and provide extra bonding with your pet.

Some of the tools needed are a long tooth comb, slicker brush, and a comb with rotating pins.

For clipping wool a good pair of hair scissors work great, or a 2 speed electric clipper with a #10 blade.

If keeping a show bunny a high force blower is recommended, you can spend a lot of money on one of these, but if you are just getting started or on a budget you can use a shop vac with good results.


Wool block can resort in the death of the rabbit. It is important to regularly groom and clip your bunnies wool to prevent wool block. Signs of wool block are: a change in the rabbits droppings (irregular shape, smaller, dull looking, droppings that are strung together like necklaces ) healthy bunny droppings are large, round, and glossy. A loss of appetite. A very hunched up stance, a normally happy vigorous bunny looking depressed and less active. If you have an angora and suspect wool block it is important to see your veterinary immediately! 

There are also some great tips on the net for preventing and curing wool block just type "woolblock" in to your search engine.   If you want to have an English Angora bunny strictly as a pet I recommend keeping them in a "puppy" clip. Not only does it keep your English Angora bunny cooler but also seriously cuts down grooming time and the chance of ever developing wool block.


One of the outside playpen runs...

Our Rabbitry

       The bunnies are raised in a climate controlled room in our spacious barn where they have the luxury of central heat and air conditioning. We maintain year round temperatures between 58-68 degrees Fahrenheit which is an ideal environment for raising English Angora rabbits.

We prefer the largest cages possible for our rabbits, but we have an assortment. 24" deep X 36" long X 18" high is a wonderful size this gives the rabbit plenty of room to hop around and stretch out. 24"deep X 24"long X18"high is adequet but not our 1st choice. Mama & babies get 36X36X18, this size is great

for the growing brood.

     English Angora Rainbow of Colors

English Angoras come in a Rainbow of Colors and patterns

~Click on the English Angora Bunny Below to see lots of colors!~

*  A Note on English Angora Wool Color

You can expect junior/baby English Angora body color to lighten as they mature into a senior/adult. This is normal and expected, but this process sometimes makes it hard to distinguish a rabbit's true color. The way to tell the real color of an adult/senior rabbit is to look at the face. The true color will be there.

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Bunny playground = Sheer Happiness

Rabbits are very intellectual and benefit from various stimuli.

Constructing a playpen area for your bunnies to romp and play is fun not only for the bunny,

but also for you.



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