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~The Best of the Best~

It is a pleasure for me to share these pictures sent in from families that have welcomed one (or two) of our Furbabies into their homes.

Thank you!


The following pictures were sent to us by wonderful families that adopted a Bumblebeeacres Havanese~ A big Thank you!!!

We love to see our furbabies grow!

Jovhanna and the love of her life!

Oatis and the Loves of his life!



Cujo and Friends!


Bingly and his Best Buddy!


Charolette and friends!



William And Eliza together forever!

(They are brother and sister living together in Michigan)


Lovely Lucy and her adoring family!



Teddy and Santa


Louis and The 3 Princesses


Cobe and his Santa helper!



Star and her Angels


Winston (Winnie) and his adoring Family


Libby is loved!




Little Lola


Theodore (formerly known as Chevy)


Gracie (formerly known as Porsche)


Whistle (formerly known as Mercedes)

Now living with Belle, a havanese, that was purchased

from us 2 years before.


Scout (formerly known as Aston Martin)



The following pictures were sent to us from wonderful

families who adopted a

Bumblebeeacres Sheltie (or two!)~ a huge thank you to you all!!!!

Bailey & Roxie

(Cousins born about the same time live with the same loving family)



Rose turned out beautiful


Riley and her wonderful family



Gorgeous Cricket



Mickey and family


Handsome (his name sure fits!)



Dakota and his mommies



Lilly and her princesses


Darcy and her sweetie


Cody and his best pal



Adorable Bailey (her new mommy bought out petsmart's toy section! Lucky pup!)


Sweet Sophie during her long leggy adolescents--too cute!




Rosie & Halle with their Loving Family

(one girl is out of Lil' Bear and the other Fergus)


Sugar Bear getting cozy on the couch!



Lucky and Buddy (brothers) in their happy home!


Bear sired by Lil' Bear, isn't it cute how they share the same name!

He's totally adorable


GracE and Pumpkin


Heide Buttercup





The following pictures were sent to us by the wonderful families that have adopted a Bumblebeeacres Himalayan/Persian kitten ~Thanks a bunch!!!

Keep'em coming!

Lexie & Lovie







Beautiful Molly


Mr. Majestic III



Little Lilly


Coco Puff


Willoughby settling down for snuggles


Taura and her beautiful girl, Tinka


Widget, paying bills and making friends




English Angora & Lionhead Bunnies:

The following pictures were sent by families that adopted a Bumblebeeacres English angora or lionhead bunny,

or two~Thank you!


Whisper and Willow fitting right in with the puppy and the kitty!


Doodle Bug



Blizzy and Panda


Thadeus & Sophie


Texel Guinea Pigs:

Beautiful Abigail with her little friend Lintel

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