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Breeding Texel Cavies for show and pet

updated 12-29-2013

Little Piggies are here! D.O.B. 12-21-2013

*Red & White Silkie Sowa (is one left side of pics above) ~Available~ $40

*Red & White Brindle Texel Boar (the right side in pics) ~Available~ $40


The following Piggies are already sold,

please enjoy their pictures...

Rosalie and Darcy's 3 Little Girls

Little Bee (Sow)

Echo (Sow)

Hopper (sow)

Another litter out of Venus and Skippy:

Mac (boar)

Mary Jane with one white glove! (Sow)

Suzie Q (Sow)


The following Piggies are already sold,

please enjoy their pictures...

Jupiter, Venus, and Pluto

Would anyone care for some ice cream?

Where's that ice cream man going???                                  Welcome to my humble abode

House party!


We fell in love with the Texel cavy while attending an ARBA rabbit show in Lansing, Michigan in March 2008. So we brought home...

Princess Pumpkin Marmalade

And to make her happy....

We bought  Prince Skipper summer 2008

The two fell madly in love...

And in November 2008 had three little piggies of their own.


The first baby piggy was a little girl they named Rosalie.



The second baby piggy was a son they named Luigi.



The third baby piggy was also a son and they named him Carlisle.


Our handsome black boar, Mr. Darcy.


Rocket Girl, our beautiful black and white sow.    


Parsnip, a Chocolate, Cream, & White Boar



Introducing Patches

Patches is a Chocolate & White


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