~Bumblebee Acres Puppy Application~

I encourage you to elaborate as much as possible on your answers, please feel free to include pictures of your family, other pets, and home---this all helps me determine what type of home you will provide for one of my precious puppies.


1. Your name:

2: Your FULL address:

3. Phone number:

4. Email address:

5. Do you own your house or rent?

6. If you rent, please provide landlord's contact info.

7. On an average, how long will the puppy be left alone?

8. Do you have a pond or pool? If yes, is it fenced?

9. Where will the puppy be kept when left alone?

10. Where will the puppy sleep at night?

11. Have you ever had a dog before (please elaborate)?

12. Would you like a pet or a show puppy (if you want a show puppy please tell me about your show experience)?

13. What sex would you prefer?

14. Do you plan on breeding (if you would like to breed please explain your breeding program and experience)?

15. Do you have any other animals (please provide info. about any health or aggression issues, training that they have had)?

16. Please list their ages and sex and breed.

17. What is your time frame for getting a puppy?

18. Please tell us about you and your family (any kids, what ages, etc.) .

19. Have you had a havanese before (if so please tell us about your experience) ?

If not, where did you hear about them?

20. How did you hear about Bumblebee Acres Havanese?

21. Please give us your vet's name and phone number.

22. What type of training are you planning on doing with your puppy?

23. Have you done crate training before?

24. What type of food do you plan on feeding your puppy?

25. Are you aware of this breed's grooming requirements?

26. Cost of the puppy are just the beginning, will your finances allow you to visit the vet and groomer when needed, to buy supplies and toys for your puppy/dog through the next 12-16 years?


Please let us know if you have any questions for us. 

Please copy and paste in an email and send it to:



 Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you!