*Bumblebee Acres Farm*


(Community Supported Agriculture)

Harvard, Illinois

Growing  food the old fashioned way for the health of

our family and yours!

NO pesticide and NO commercial fertilizers

~ just sweet rain and sunshine~

We are not having a CSA this year, please visit us at the Woodstock Farmers' Market for our farm products!

This year we have a Veggie/Fruit CSA

and a Wool/Yarn CSA (scroll down for the wool CSA)

Yellow Brittle Wax Beans

Bumblebeeacres is a 3 generation, diversified, family farm.

We utilize natural, sustainable agriculture, growing techniques---no pesticides

and no commercial fertilizers.

Producing healthy, tasty, and pesticide free vegetables and fruit for

your family and ours. We are now offering a CSA Veggie/Fruit program for 2013.

There are 10 shares available as we are a small farm and proudly work it ourselves.

We wish our farm to stay small enough that we are assured that our produce is grown according to our strict standards. We also are offering a CSA Wool/Yarn program that we are very excited about this year---check it out further down this page.

We pick our Veggies and Fruits the day before the market.

So everything is 24hrs. or less fresh!


Our fresh greens make a beautiful salad and Heirloom Tomatoes---Yum!

About CSA

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

directly connects farmers and consumers to strengthen

local food systems. Consumers become CSA members by paying an agreed amount at the beginning of the growing season, either in one lump sum or in installments. The cost, generally ranging from $200-$700, depends on the length of the harvest season and the variety and quantity of products provided. This up front payment helps buy the seed and other inputs needed for the season and provides the farmer an immediate income to begin the season. By paying at the beginning of the season, CSA members share in the risk of production and relieve the farmer of much of the time needed for marketing. This allows the farmer to concentrate on good land stewardship and growing

high quality food.

In return for their membership fee, consumers receive a variety of freshly picked vegetables every week. Some CSAs also offer fruits, herbs, cut flowers, and other products. Consumer members eat healthy, local, sustainably produced food and have the satisfaction of knowing where it came from and how it was grown.

Part of the garden with shade cloth and overhead watering system in place to keep

the lettuce and salad greens cool and happy during the sizzling summer temperatures of July and August.


Cool, Crisp Lettuce

What you can expect from us....

For the 2014 season we will be offering weekly shares for peak growing season

which means more abundance and variety for our share holders.

This will be a 10 week CSA Veggie/Fruit program.

Each Saturday starting June 20st through August 22rd 2015.

Instead of providing a weekly box of our choice of produce we would love for our shareholders to come out to the Woodstock Farmers' market and "shop" our booth enabling you to choose what you would like for that week. The CSA is set to run at $20 a week for 10 weeks, a $200 fee. Just some of the produce you may see in our booth during the CSA's duration are as follows; lettuce, specialty gourmet greens, tomatoes, onions, garlic, beets, carrots, herbs, beans, peas, squash, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, potatoes, and peppers. Also some fruits; peaches, strawberries, raspberries,

and other berry varieties.

Goose Berries

***Since there will be some limited varieties/quantities of certain things we do encourage you to come out to the market and "shop" our booth early.

Market hours are 8am-1pm Saturday.

We encourage you to bring a market bag or basket to stow your $20

worth of veggies from our booth.

Each season we carefully choose our plant varieties, many of which are heirlooms.

Definitely not boring supermarket varieties! Some of our varieties are featured on

SlowFoods Ark of Taste.

These are examples of boxes from the 2010 CSA season.

Since we no longer do boxes you may see these items plus more on our Farmers' Market booth table for you to choose from:

Week 3

*sugar snap peas

*Baby Beets

*Baby Gormet Lettuce mix


*French Breackfast Radishes


Week 8

*Greens Mix



~Purple Mustard

~Red Russian Kale


*Sweet Belle Peppers

*Mariachi Peppers (some heat)

*Yellow Pear Tomatoes

*Yellow Wax Beans

Week 10

*Heirloom Slicers Tomatoes

*Pickle cucumbers


*Jalapeno Peppers

*Green Pole Beans

*Patty Pan Squash

*Golden Shallots

Week 14

*Baby Carrots


*Roma Tomatoes

*Swiss Chard

*Burpless Cucumber


*Yellow Onion


Instead of a weekly CSA veggie box, come "CSA Shop" our booth each week to get what you really want!

We are offering "shopping" at our booth on Saturdays.

(Come early for best selection! Hours are 8am-1pm) at the Woodstock Farmers' Market, located on the beautiful historic Woodstock Square. Each week will will ask you to mark your initials on our CSA shareholder chart to help keep track of each member's weekly "shopping".

Enjoying the 1st of the Sugar Snap Peas

Your Cost for a Bumblebee Acres Farm

CSA Veggie/Fruit Share ...

10 weeks for $200 ( $20 a week).

Quite a bargain for the freshest, locally grown, pesticide free, produce.

If you miss a week one make-up is allowed after the regular CSA ends.

One of our Customer favorites, Dragon's Tongue Beans

Please contact me via email to sign up for our CSA.

*Payments can be made thru paypal please e-mail us for details*

(an added charge of 4% does apply when utilizing paypal)

Or you may pay by personal Check.


Send us a "Bee-mail" (Click on the Bee!)


Our 2015 CSA Wool/Yarn Program

is now closed.

At Bumblebee Acres Farm we raise fiber animals for their wool. The animals we proudly care for and harvest luxurious wool from are; Shetland & Cormo sheep, Llamas & Alpacas, Angora & Pygora Goats, and English & Satin Angora Rabbits.

Please note that our animals are not harmed in order to collect their wool.


English Angora Bunny and coated Cormo Sheep

We shear, skirt, scour, pick and card their fleeces then we hand spin it into fabulous yarns. Sometimes we keep the wool the natural color and other times we have fun dying it brilliant colors. Once in awhile we will send some of our wool to a mill to have it processed into mill spun yarn and roving or top(fluffy wool to spin).


Our Drum Carder and Sam with our new wool picker

Once in awhile we will blend some other goodies into the yarn/wool such as; silk, bamboo, sparkles and firestar. And occasionally we may blend some wool from a fellow

local Shepherd.


Basket of our Handspun Yarns

Hand Carded wool batt (for spinning or felting)

Our Wool/Yarn CSA program will run from May thru July or August thru October 2015. When signing up you choose if you'd like the 1st set of 3 months or the 2nd set.

With your share you will be helping us to feed and care for our animals and help us get their wool processed. This makes it possible for us to continue farming and making beautiful yarns and spinning fibers for you to enjoy.

A 2015 Wool/Yarn share is $78 ($26 a month for 3 months).

Once a month you come "shop" our booth at the Woodstock Farmers' Market and choose from our yarns, rovings, and finished objects

(ex. hat, scarf, felted piece) that are equal to $26. Each week we bring wonderful new items to the market.

***For the 1st 3 sign -ups for the wool CSA receive a set of dyer balls

(a $14 value)

Hand dyed Fiber Top (for spinning or felting)

We will have a Shareholder sheet for you to initial each month to help keep track of each shareholders "shopping". If your item(s) for the month are less then the $26 a month allotment then the remaining amount is added to the shareholder sheet and you may use it in the following month( for example you decide on a $20 skein of yarn. The remaining $6 out of the $26 a month allotment is then added to your next month making the next month allotment $32). If you have any questions please email me.

Please contact me via email to sign up for our CSA.

*Payments can be made thru paypal please e-mail us for details*

(an added charge of 4% does apply when utilizing paypal)

Or you may pay by personal Check.


Send us a "Bee-mail" (Click on the Bee!)


Garlic Scapes

If you have any questions regarding our CSA Veggie/Fruit program or our

CSA Wool/Yarn program please e-mail.

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Thank you for your interest in our CSA, we hope you join today!

Bumblebee Acres Farm is located in Harvard, Illinois

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