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Cormo Sheep

Our Farm added a small registered flock of Cormo & Colored Cormo sheep

in the Spring of 2010 from Shepherdess, Char Eply, of Cormo 24/7(now retired).

Since then our Cormo and Colored Cormo flock has grown in numbers and we have done some Cormo x Shetland cross breeding for some beautiful fleeces too.

Our Cormo ewes, Princess, Juliette and, the Colored Cormo, Coco Chanel.

These girls are wearing jackets to keep their fleeces in tip top shape. Cormos have a wonderful fleece that is extremely next-to-the-skin soft. These girls 1st fleece will be especially soft and is referred to as a 'Hogget' fleece.

Sugar Coated Cormo Rams


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About Cormo Sheep:

The Cormo sheep breed was developed in the early 1960's by I.K. Downie of Tasmania.

Using Tasmanian Corriedale Rams and crossing them to Superfine Saxon Merino ewes the Cormo breed was created. Cormo's have a naturally bright white super soft fleece with a micron count of 17-23. Average staple length is 4+ inches. Boasting quick growth rate, easy lambing, and common multiple births this breed is truly a dual purpose breed. They are adaptable to most any climate. The fact that they are super cute and have sweet temperaments is a major bonus.

Our white Cormos are registered with the American Cormo Sheep Association.

We also have some Colored Cormos, and although not registerable, have some gorgeous super soft fleece and the color is just beautiful.


These are a couple of examples of Cormo Fleece (top).

The one on the bottom left is some washed Colored Cormo locks. The right side is a carded batt made of 85% Cormo and 15% Red Satin Angora (a little bit of Heaven). This fiber is a spinners dream!

And some hand spun colored cormo yarn

Cormo Top

Cormo Sheep & Lambs For Sale

If you are looking to add some Cormo to your flock or you simply want a nice fiber pet please contact us.

We are lambing April 2016.

We should have some colored cormo, cormo, and some Cormo x Shetland cross lambs available.

The wool is superb!


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